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CÉsar T. Alcover

During the last 25 years, César has practiced commercial litigation, as well as corporate and regulatory counseling, focusing primarily in health law. César also has extensive experience in cases involving shareholder disputes.  

César has counseled a wide variety of clients in the health industry, such as: health insurers, Medicare Advantage organizations, third party administrators, clinical laboratories, radiotherapy facilities, hospitals, independent practice associations, pharmaceutical companies, centers for diagnostic and treatment, 330 Centers, radiology facilities, home care facilities, hospices, DME companies, emergency room managers, pain management facilities, renal facilities, clearing houses, provider credentialing entities, prostheses providers, and pharmacy benefit managers.

In addition, César has litigated, negotiated contracts and counseled clients in the following areas of the health industry:  provider contracting, certificates of need and convenience, antitrust, credentialing, termination of privileges, chargeback agreements, licensing, drug distribution, HIPAA, HITECH; PAACA, Stark, Anti-kickback, ERISA, managed care, Medicare Advantage, rebates, HQCIA, prompt payment, payment audits, RICO, provider collective bargaining, insurance coverage, procurement, computer fraud and abuse and espionage, government procurement, and government contracting.  Since 1995, César has represented a major health insurer in its contractual negotiations with the government to implement the State Medicaid Plan.  César has also defended health insurers in national class action suits filed in the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico and the Southern District of Florida.

César has argued cases in courts at various levels, including the Puerto Rico Supreme Court.

Reported cases

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